Anti-CI Poetry

I didn’t see this one when I checked out the ASL poetry. I’m all for free speech, but the one from Michael J. Olivier is a strong misinterpretation on the reality of getting a cochlear implant. It’s a scare tactic. Not reality. But anyone who lets this scares him away from surgery has clearly not done research to make a decision without having one person’s opinion affecting this decision.
It’s fine if Mr. Olivier feels strongly about it, but he certainly can’t interpret an operation and the results unless (a) he was a doctor and (b) he had the implant himself.
Here’s the translation [ Thanks, Steven ]
Hello my name is Mike Olivier. The story is called cochlear implant. The story will be told from A to Z and 1 to 10 handshape.
Putting on latex gloves. Ready? Ready? (Nodding)
A: cut
B: open
C: taking out stuff out of the ear
D: drill
E: putting array on
F: putting the wires in place
G: putting wires in the holes
He told a story (from 1 to 10) about a baby or young child after turning on CI. The child took off the CI so fast because the child hated the noise so much. Also, what surgery is not a pain in the rear? One of the surgeries I had last year was worse than the implant.
Well, guess what? Putting on contacts for the first time does not feel good either. Everything takes getting used to… braces, glasses, contacts, hearing aids, implants, ASL, Braille.