La Crosse Tribune reports on a seventh grader who plays the violin and is hearing better since receiving the implant two years ago.
It slipped my mind that I played two musical instruments. I took piano lessons around third grade since I was the kind of kid who tried things. I think I took lessons for about two years and was a typical kid in that I never practiced at home. For many years, however, I could still remember how to play Yankee Doodle from memory as that is what I played in the recital.
In sixth grade, I signed up to play the clarinet and also did that for two years. Don’t know why I went beyond one year. Just wasn’t my thing. But I still remember the best day when I played a short song perfectly and earned first chair for the first and only time in my life. The class applauded. It was a small class. Originally, I was in the honors classed, but requested to move since I couldn’t keep up. Thanks, Mr. Matney (band) and Mrs. Guinn (piano) for working with me and having patience.