Profoundly Deaf and the Phone

Kokonut Pundit took phone orders while working for Domino’s Pizza. It reminded me of a job I applied for while a teen doing gift wrapping at a department store. First, I had to take one of those personality tests — I had never seen this before in my life and didn’t pass. I don’t know why as I’ve always live my life as an ethical person.
Regardless, the store hired me. When I showed up on the first day, I promptly quit. The manager said I needed to answer the phone. He just didn’t get it that I couldn’t understand what the person on the other end of the call would say.
As a kid, I was more willing to talk on the phone when I needed — to family and close friends. But I don’t do that anymore — especially thanks to all the technology available (when the dagnabbed network on my mobile phone isn’t down). The way I handled the conversation made me feel like a child (hence, my more likely to do it as a kid and not now).
Heck, I admit making a few crank calls with friends. One memorable call — the woman asked if I was French. Hey, cool… my deaf accent sounded French to someone!

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