Operation Lifesaver Educates Deaf Community

Tara Rose McAvoy didn’t have to die. She wasn’t even ON the railroad tracks, but near them. Obviously she and many others didn’t know that walking a a couple of feet away from the track could be dangerous. Gerri Hall, president of Operation Lifesaver said, “Many people do not realize there is at least a 3-foot overhang of a train on both sides of the tracks.”
Because McAvoy couldn’t hear the train’s horn, she didn’t know a train was coming and that she was in harm’s way. Operation Lifesaver sent out a press release stating they’re working to educate deaf and hard-of-hearing people about walking near the tracks.
The organization has 3,000 certified presenters in the U.S. and Canada who give free safety presentations to community groups and organizations. Let’s hope McAvoy’s death means saving many lives as people learn about the dangers of walking alongside the train tracks.