Pro Hockey Team Supports Charities

I was pleased to read about my favorite hockey team, Dallas Stars, donated to Dallas Hearing Foundation and other charities. The team has a foundation known as the Dallas Star Foundation that awards grants to local children’s charities in support of a variety of needs. “The grants focus on a myriad of worthy causes such as heath services for disadvantaged youth, educational and social issues, family suppers, and crisis intervention,” said Dallas Stars Manager of Community Relations Claire Kinzy. The team awards grants twice a year.
The Dallas Hearing Foundation received a $9,200 grant to help the organization continue providing hearing aids to children not eligible for cochlear implants. “The DHF clearly supports and is dedicated to enhancing the lives of the children which it serves through providing medical services. In addition to aiding children, the DHF has a well defined and established plan of action for use of the funds, including directly providing children with hearing aids and other tangible services,” Kinzy added.
Stars are not only champs on the ice, but also in spirit.