Company Sells Products for Hearing Impaired

I’ve known the Anders for years as I grew up in Fort Worth. Their daughter was a couple of years older than me and we met through a mutual friend. Last I heard, she was a lawyer in California. Sidney Anders has been attending the famous CES in Vegas for years, but this year he was an exhibitor. Here’s the article that was published in the Fort Worth Star Telegram.
A while back, my dad picked up a portable voice carry over (VCO) VCO phone TTY from Krown Manufacturing. You put the TTY to the phone when the other person is speaking (the operator is typing instead) and then read the text and respond with your voice. It was a nice idea, but didn’t work well since there was a lot of garbled text.
Deaf and hard-of-hearing folks don’t have to worry about technology going away. The Anders will make sure it stays alive.