Fire Safety for the Deaf

Fire Safety for the Deaf talks about two deaf women who died as a result of a hotel fire because no one woke them up. Whenever I travel alone, I ensure that I get a room for the deaf or people with disabilities. I was in a fire in my grandparents’ house when I was 5-years-old, so it can happen to anyone.
My first experience with light alarms was in college in my dorm. The school had one installed in my dorm room. I didn’t even ask or anything as I would’ve never thought of it.

Every building I ever worked in had a visual alarm. Those flashing lights hurt my eyes, but better to do that than be stuck in a fire.
We haven’t been able to get an alarm installed in my house. Actually, when we moved in, we tried to get the deaf alarm to work with our installed system, but they weren’t compatible. I guess I should get on top of that. Found the following:
First Alert
Silent Call
Hear More
Harris Communications
Complicated! I don’t want to install one in every room when we have a global alarm already. I just need the alert to be in my room, but of course it has to receive signals from the other rooms. There’s got to be something simpler.