Movie Distribution and Captions

Mark Cuban’s entertainment company, 2929, Entertainment is hoping to change the ways movies are distributed by releasing first-run films on DVD the same day they hit theaters as reported in – Will ‘Bubble’ Burst the Movie Business?
Low-budget movie, Bubble, will be available on DVD and digital cable on the same day it hits the theaters.
‘course this scares producers and movie theaters because it could kill the movie going biz. Even though I rarely go to the moves, I don’t want the experience to disappear for my kids, other family members, and everyone else. Furthermore, it hurts the economy and employees for movie theaters to go out of business.
The other issue… will these be captioned? If so, it’ll help those who are deaf, hard of hearing, and others that rely on captions enjoy seeing the movie at the same time it comes out instead of waiting a few months before it comes out on DVD with captions.
Where would grown ups and kids go for a date other than a restaurant? Kids are not old enough for bars and all grown ups don’t want to go to bars.
Where’s the middle ground?