Narnia with Rear Window

Shared my experience with seeing a movie with Rear Window. I went back to the movies and saw Chronicles of Narnia with my older two kids. The experience was better this time, but it took about 10 minutes of adjusting to get it just right. At first, the captions were crooked. Then, eureka! Put the window just below the screen in the black area and I won’t have trouble reading the captions even when something light appears on the screen.
I got it just right where the captions were neither too far left nor too far right. A guy behind me started signing to me about the rear window. I couldn’t figure out the signs and usually I can get the gist of it. Then he asked his friend to talk to me. I told them to get the window viewer from the front desk.

They left and came back with the window. The movie had started, so I couldn’t help them adjust it. I hoped they would figure it out as I did. But then about 30 minutes later, they left again and came back. I’m assuming they had trouble figuring it out and I hope the front desk explained how to do it.
Maybe it would help if the front desk asked the customer if it’s his first time using the technology (there is also descriptive services for those who don’t see well). If the customer responds affirmative, then the front desk could provide instructions explaining how to do it.