Online Customer Service

Carter Bloodcare rules. I donate blood on a regular basis, or try to anyway. Carter makes it easy to set up an appointment as it can be done online. The donation appointment form, however, doesn’t play nice with Firefox. No biggie. I’d rather use IE than to navigate a recording to schedule an appointment. You can show up without an appointment, but you may have to wait.
Furthermore, you can check your cholestrol test results and check the date of the next time you can donate blood on the Web site. Now, if the organization would let me fill in my meds and answer the questionnaire online before I go. That’s my least favorite part of the appointment.
Know those postcards you get from non-profit organizations asking you to call if you have clothes and other items to donate? I prefer it when they leave a bag because it means they’ll drive by whether or not you call. I got a surprise the last time I received a postcard. The postcard said you could schedule pick up online.

I didn’t get my hopes up, but I went ahead and submitted the form. The organization arrived on the scheduled date and hauled away bags of donations. I’m grateful to any organization that prevents my making a phone call.
I’ve been taking tennis classes and signed up online. The center charges a $2 online charge, but it’s worth it as opposed to drive there and back using up $2 worth of gasoline. I can sign up for more sessions the next time I’m there for class.
Amazon has excellent customer service. The company’s reps respond within 24 hours and almost always resolve your concerns with one or two emails. Never had to call them on the phone in all these years (and my first Amazon purchase was in 1995). Recently, I received toner for my photo printer and it didn’t work. 30 days since shipping had already passed and yet, Amazon still sent a replacement and paid for the return shipping.
Maybe if more businesses would rely on web-based applications, we wouldn’t have to deal with phone systems, waiting, and incompetent customer service reps.