January 2006 archive

Deaf Blogs Article

Thanks to Grant W. Laird Jr. for telling me about an article on Deaf Blogs in Signews. Would’ve never known about it had it not been for him. He kindly posted copies of the two pages in his blog entry. It was great reading about the other blogs and the things they cover. My name …

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Fear of Speaking up and Promoting Self

Ilise asked about what people are afraid of when it comes to speaking up and self-promotion. My situation is a little different from what you see in the entry’s comments as you know that I’m profoundly deaf. When I make calls, I go through a relay service and it’s incredible how many people hang up …

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Deaf Dog Doesn't Get Along with Dog

My friend, Kim, shared this story and I thought it’d be worth sharing here. It provides a wealth of insight into the world of dogs who are deaf. A woman adopted a dog who is partially deaf. He’s been through a lot and when he arrived to his new home, he ended up fighting with …

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Deaf Dog Resources

There are three Yahoo groups: DeafDogs: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/deafdogs/ Texas DeafDogs: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/TexasDeafDogs/ Deaf and Blind Dogs: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/blind-deaf-dogs/ And a Web site: http://www.deafdogs.org/ The Web site has a lot of information, lists adoptable dogs, and points to resources like vibrating collar makers. Deaf Dog Atlas is a resource where you click on the maps till you get to …

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More Dogs Needing Homes – DFW Area

We have a very friendly Pit mix that appears to be deaf. He has not shown any aggression to people or other dogs. He has been in cages with all types of different breeds. He has just been happy go lucky and just wants to play. He was to be PTS this morning but we …

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Deaf Dog Named Hope Needs a Home

My friend Kim says, “Do not let her breed be a deterrent to helping her. She’s a pit bull but those poor dogs have been given a horrible rep thanks to what these gangs do to them. This dog looks like she may have just been more than her dorky owners were willing to give …

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Bright Hands Glow Gloves

Saw this link in GMail and had to check it out. Well, Glow Gloves certainly make it easier to see hands in the dark. Could it become a hit when deaf people go clubbing?

Bible Thumper Revisited

Not long ago, I posted an entry about Bible thumpers who came knocking on my door. Funny, I ran into another one… this time by snail mail. Yes, paper, pen, stamp, and all. Here’s the note (nothing changed): Hello Meryl. My name is Gayle. I volunteer with people who are deaf and hard of hearing. …

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The Who's Townshend on iPod and Hearing

Rocker Townshend cautions iPod users on hearing loss to turn down their MP3 players otherwise to avoid damaging their hearing. According to the article, Townhend’s hearing loss is from wearing earphones in the recording studio not from The Who’s loud concerts. There’s a comment from someone who probably didn’t read the article closely as the …

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