October 2007 archive

Discovering Deaf Worlds

Christy Smith, a contestant who is deaf and appeared in Survivor: Amazon, is working with David Justice, sign language interpreter and job coach in Discovering Deaf Worlds. They plan to travel to different countries to meet with Deaf storytellers, community leaders, organizations, and youth from New Zealand, Australia, Japan, China, Thailand, India, Nepal, Kenya. “While …

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Deaf Karoake

A fantastic deaf karaoke performance “singing” Natalia Imbruglia’s Torn.

Outsourcing Subtitles to India

Oh, brother. Captions / subtitles fall victim to India outsourcing. The Infoweek article [Thanks, Stone Deaf Pilots] gives a good example of what happens when you send English translation to a place where English isn’t the first language. For example, in the movie My Super Ex-Girlfriend, Uma Thurman utters the line “We have a zero-tolerance …

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Ear Overload

Cochlear implant. Sunglasses. Visor. iPod headphone. It’s a miracle my ear hasn’t fallen off. The biggest frustration is when I play tennis. Even wearing glasses causes problems since I wear sport sunglasses. I have the best ones I could find that provide the right shade with thin earpieces. Yesterday, in an attempt to get a …

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