Auditory Training

Sue wrote about auditory training (therapy). She didn’t think she needed it, but found it to be extremely helpful. With the help of her therapist, she has found her weak points and is working on them. They’ve been able to adjust her MAPS accordingly, giving her more power in those certain frequencies.
She is not going through the implant center in Cleveland (40 miles from her house) for this. She found an audiologist/speech pathologist (PhD) that specializes in cochlear implants through her insurance company. The audiologist works out of her home and also for a local school system. Sue meets with her for one hour, one day a week. The audie has given Sue many insightful ways to practice listening on her own.
She has given me something to think about, but I honestly don’t have any additional time to squeeze in for anything other than what I am doing. Let’s just hope Paul gets a good job soon and then I can breathe and do this kind of stuff.