Stay on!

Sue, a fellow parent and CIer, wrote, “I received the Mic Lock from Cochlear today. Tried it out and so far so good. Everything is staying in place and it’s very comfortable. I might even go outside to test it out in our 5 inches, so far, of snow (I live in Ohio). Or maybe not, I’m scared to death of it falling off and not finding it for months.”
Implant with cordSo, I ordered the BTE Mic Lock Tubing to hold the BTE in place better. Man, I feel like a Bajoran from Star Trek Deep Space Nine. It has a cord and at the end of one side is a circle, which attaches to the bottom of the BTE. The other end hooks to the hook that rests on the top of the ear. See the photo, it’s the clear plastic part. It was not bad advice — it is good to have, but not to wear on a daily basis.
Does that look like a Bajoran earring or what? OK, so it is not silver like theirs, but it feels like one. Not long after wearing it, the tube came off (A few times!)and my ear also started to get uncomfortable. The only other option for keeping it on is to get an ear mold made. Nooooooooooooo! I’ve had a lifetime of torture of ear molds and don’t want it!!!
Cochlear’s catalog and accessories are not easy to figure out and this coming from a person who can program the VCR as well as get rid of the blinking 12:00. I tried to use the soft hook cover and it was useless… sliding around and down.