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In celebration of its one year anniversary, Project readOn unveils a new feature — Embedded videos. Users can grab the code from Project readOn to add captioned videos to their own sites, blogs, and social network pages.
The player on the Web site contains two new buttons, “Email this captioned video to a friend” and “Grab this captioned video for my website.” Click one of the buttons and a small popup window appears with the information. Either enter your friend’s email address, or copy and paste the “embed” code as needed.
So here’s my first try at including a captioned video from Project readOn. I had been wanting to check out Jeff Dunham’s shows — but couldn’t find anything captioned (the videos don’t indicate whether it’s captioned or comes with subtitles)… and Project readOn has two videos (one was a Christmas show with Achmed the dead terrorist).

Before we get to the video — my husband told me a funny story about Dunham and a deaf audience. He, of course, noticed the interpreter signing to the audience. Made comments about how deaf people attending his show. So he decided to mess with the audience and moved the puppet’s mouth without saying anything. The interpreter sat there not signing.
The audience looked at Dunham and the puppet and their interpreter with puzzled looks. Then he said, “I’m probably going to hell for this.” No, you’re not, Jeff Dunham — that’s comedy!

From Project readOn.

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