Links: 2008-06-06

* She’s deaf, a college valedictorian and planning FBI career
Deaf Organisations, Deaf People & Information Sharing Part 1
and Part 2
* Active All Deaf forum discussion on deaf world vs. hearing world
* Finland: Deaf Viewers Demand Public Broadcasters Provide Subtitles
* Australia: Word is out about deaf phone option
* UK Book: Seriously funny
* DeafYoga Foundation

Deaf and Hearing Impaired Drive-Thru

* New E911 Calling Method for the Deaf
* Bill seeks to expand captioning for the deaf: References online videos. Yeah!
* Rabbi says deaf ‘ineligible for conversion’: Unbelievable. A step backwards by 50 years. Please know that not all Jewish people agree with the Rabbi.

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  1. Have a look at our fire alarm systems and security systems for the deaf.

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