Airport Installs Video Monitors

As a result of a lawsuit, SFO (San Francisco International Airport) to install video monitors for deaf, hearing impaired. It doesn’t say how the videos will work, but I assume that text will appear. 80 videos is a lot and is expensive especially for larger airports like DFW and Chicago’s O’Hare as they would need more than 80 to ensure coverage in all areas where passengers go.
When I travel, I check with the employee at the ticket desk for updates. I’ve never had a problem in all the times I’ve traveled alone.
I think the most challenging situation would be if I were transfering to another flight. But I usually check with the flight attendant. I think once I had trouble finding the baggage claim as the signs were lousy or the baggage area didn’t indicate which flight’s baggage was coming on which carousel.
International travel… now that’s another story.