Deaf Dogs Needing Homes

From Deaf Network of Texas:
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I’ve been working with Cathy who owns Deaf Paws Haven. She is looking for homes for a few deaf dogs that she rescued from shelters because some were going to be put to sleep just because they were deaf and she saved their lives to give them a chance to live a full live in a good home. You would not believe that “deaf” is a death sentence for the deaf dogs. Owners would dump them after finding out they are deaf.
If you are interested in adopting a dog, we will work on getting the dog to you. Please contact Cathy at, if you’re interested. Yes, she is deaf herself.
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I adopted a deaf Catahoula and she’s WONDERFUL!!! – Julie
Meryl here. Imagine if being deaf were a death sentence for humans. We just adopted a dog a few weeks ago otherwise I would be glad to take one. One dog is enough when you have three kids to manage. The nice thing about my dog is that she barks when the doorbell rings or someone knocks. I don’t always hear it, so she’s a big help.
Sometimes dogs barking at the door annoys people and you don’t have to worry about this with deaf dogs. I’m guessing they’re not as noisy as those who hear.
If you adopt a deaf dog, please let me know about it.