Deaf Couple Receives Extreme Makeover

No, they don’t receive implants or plastic surgery. It’s the other extreme makeover: home edition. This show is amazing because well-deserving people are the ones who get the makeover. Previous episodes have featured a family of eight kids whose parents died 16 days apart, a woman who donated bone marrow and saved the life of a young girl, and a woman whose son has a rare cell disorder. Chiromeme (link dead) writes that a deaf couple will recieve an ‘Extreme Makeover.’ The episode is set to air in the fall. We need more good stories like this.


  1. Deaf Couple Receives Extreme Makeover should make very good to watch. I plan to share it with deaf community in Texas by doing blast at
    When you get chance, please do visit my personal website at — yea it is blog. I just started doing it this year.

    • Chris on August 31, 2004 at 4:12 am
    • Reply

    The episode will air sometime in October according to Marlee Matlin’s website/blog/board. She will be showing up for the episode.
    There is also an article in the Chicago Tribune
    (if it does not show the article I have a copy of it).

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