Even Miss America Gets Sad

Heather McCallum had a difficult time after receiving the implant. I initially went through a tough time, but mainly because of the side-effects of the surgery not from turning on the implant. Once the implant was turned on, it was uncomfortable for a few weeks and I adjusted. The surgery was more upsetting than the first sounds of the implant.
After eight months of wearing the implant, it’s comfortable like my hearing aids only without the squealing. Once in a while, I’ll catch a word or two without lipreading — but I did that with my hearing aids.
I’m extremely patient with the progress, the problem is the people who mean well when they ask how I am doing with the implant. I hate to tell them that it’s the same or like wearing a hearing aid. I can’t say that it’s better and then they’ll expect me to pick up the phone.