Gallaudet Students Continue Protest

Read an article in The Dallas Morning News that the latest reason the students don’t like the president-elect is because she’s not “deaf enough.” She knows the perfect deaf person is one who is born of deaf parents, marries a deaf person, and has deaf children. Wow, lots of pressure on genetics.
The president-elect is married to a Gallaudet professor who is hearing and has hearing children. Obviously, her husband knows sign language, and she can’t help it if her kids aren’t deaf.
The first reports indicated the students didn’t like her demeanor. That has more merit, I think. What are the chances you’re going to find someone qualified for the president position that comes close to the “perfect deaf person?” The president-elect is a current employee with the university, so students are familiar with her.
So far, the administration doesn’t look like it’s going to back down and neither are the students. We watch and we wait.