Podcasting Transcription

From Jon Udell:

I owe a huge thank-you to Eleanor Kruszewski, who has transcribed my audio interview with Intervoice’s Ron Owens. And we should all thank her for raising the uncomfortable issue of podcast transcriptions which, for the most part, are missing in action.

Podcasting is yet another trend that isolates people who are deaf. It would take a lot of time and energy to read scripts from Podcasts since it’s time consuming and tiring on the eyes. But here, Udell discusses how Podcasting is also at a disadvantage for those who can here. Good stuff. [ Link: Cox ]

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  1. I am the host of two podcasts, .NET Rocks! and Mondays, and my company is introducing (shortly) a podcasting transcription service for $2.00/minute (subject to change). We transcribe to html, pdf, word, or whatever format you need, including ad placement.

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