Embarrassing Moment in School

I often turned off my hearing aids while in the middle of something that caused them to squeal as I had them turned all the way up. It wasn’t until I got digital hearing aids that I could stop topping out on the volume.
In 7th grade science, we did a lab where we looked for some living thing in a microscope. Bending over to look for the thingy, my hearing aids yelped. Off they went. My table struggled to find this stubborn thing. I couldn’t contain my excitement when I spotted it, “I found it!”

Seconds later, I looked up and noticed the room was silent and the teacher was speaking. The voice I used was fine for during lab when it was noisy, but embarrassing for this!
Another time, I was warming up and shooting baskets during basketball practice. Had the hearing aids off for whatever reason. I eventually looked around and saw the team huddled.

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