When I came across NexTalk, I thought it was the best thing to come along in phone communications for the deaf other than instant messenger (which not everyone will use). But it didn’t quite work out as hoped.
Unlike the others, you download and install software on your computer. You can make and answer phone calls through the Internet rather than through a phone line. This is a big plus because our phone line is not a TTY line. But after six months, I learned it was not to be though not all of it is NexTalk’s fault.

I emailed everyone I know telling them how to reach me through NexTalk. All they have to do is call a phone number and give them my first name, which was my NexTalk ID. Since I almost always had my computer on, NexTalk would answer incoming calls. If I didn’t answer within a set number of rings, it would take a message. After six months, only one person bothered trying it. It was a pain to have the service up if no one was going to use it. This is a social engineering issue.
NexTalk’s service went down from time to time, so I would get messages popping up to that effect. Drove me nuts, which is why I didn’t like running it all the time if no one was using it.
Then I tried it at work. Because of firewall issues, I had to contact tech support to get them to fix the backend so I could use the program. It worked… once again, no one used it. But since this was work, I was willing to keep it. Unfortunately, after a few months, it stopped working. I don’t remember the cause if it was the program required backend changes again or if the company made changes and I had to deal with tech support again. Whichever it was, it became a nuisance and I threw in the towel.
The best solution, I think, is one that doesn’t require a person to call a third party to reach me. I may have found that solution just a few days ago through a CapTel phone. I am looking into this. I could call someone or vice-versa without dialing the relay number. In this set up, the CapTel phone is the one that seamlessly contacts the relay. I will provide info as I get it.