November 2004 archive

Biography of a Deaf Artist

John Brewster, Jr. (1766-1854) was born deaf and received fame as an artist from New England. Reading this article was first I’ve heard of this artist. Harlan Lane has written a biography about the artist. Here are sites displaying his work and info: Ask Art Fenimore Art Museum WGBH Lecture (sign language interpreted) Boy with …

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ENG Results

I had the ENG (electronystagmography) last Monday to determine why I have dizziness and vertigo. It turned out there is an 80 deficiency in one ear and 20 percent in the other. They’re out of balance, which causes dizziness and eye problems. The brain usually compensates, but with the stress in my life — it …

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This Guy Is Stuck in the Dark Ages

This LA Times letters to the editor (requries free registration — excerpt below. I am very much in favor of any court decision that allows the handicapped the widest possible latitude in the workplace (“UPS May Appeal Ruling on Deaf Drivers,” Oct. 23). However, I have concerns about total deafness behind the wheel. In UPS’ …

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Late Night Fouls

I grew up playing and watching sports. I miss those days and my sports time is limited to watching my kids play. I used to joke that my university, American University, was not a real school because they had no football team (I am from Texas, y’now?). KU tried to do the right thing at …

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Woman Votes for First Time at 90

Wow. What took so long??? Deaf, mute, blind woman votes for first time at 90. Great story.