Tablet PC as a Communications Tool

Deaf Technological Review points out how a tablet PC could be a great tool for the deaf and blind. Places like The Dallas Summer Musicals are using laptops to provide text for their shows, but I tihnk tablets would be better as they’re more portable. But hey, I’m thrilled they offer a way for us to enjoy the show. I’m seeing Wicked there in April.
When I learned about the laptop deal, it took a load off my plate. One of my to dos was to read the book before the show. Between the flu and book abstract work, there was no chance I was going to read the book in time.
What other ways could we use tablet PCs to make our lives easier?

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    • Gordon K on February 13, 2007 at 11:01 pm
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    When I saw Mamma Mia in New York, the theater provided me with an iPaq handheld – much like a Palm Pilot, if thicker and more durable-seeming. Because of the size I had an easier time with that than I would have had with a laptop or tablet (though admittedly I don’t have problems reading small text).
    It was a much better experience than seeing Mamma Mia in Toronto, where I had no text (and no ALD, either). (I did still have to deal with my companions’ jokes about how corny the whole musical was, though.)

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