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[Mashable has a post on CaptionTube](, a service that makes it easier for users to add captions to their YouTube videos. [CaptionTube]( requires a Google account (I think many of us have this by now).
I tried out the service on my [skydiving video]( It was easy! I just played, paused, entered captions. However, the camera guy is off camera and I couldn’t remember what he said or figure it out. So I mostly captioned my side of the conversation and hubby helped me with the cameraman’s captions.
I had to play with the timing a little bit. This part was clunky. The best way to fix timing is to watch the video again and pause it right where you need a caption. Note the time. Click the timeline where the text is that you need to move. Enter the new time in the caption start time.
The default caption duration works well. When you have a longer line, increase the duration. If the caption disappears too fast, increase the duration. If it carries over to the next line, decrease the duration.
The results!
[CaptionTube in YouTube](

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