I'm Deaf, I'm Not Ignoring You

I remember in the ’80s when pins were popular and full of Valley Girl talk. One popular pin was “I’m not deaf, I’m ignoring you.” I had one as it made for a good laugh.
Paul (hubby) was talking to another parent at yesterday’s T-ball practice. She told him about her husband attending our kids’ school book fair. Apparently, he was going on and on while I didn’t pay attention to him.
He turned to his wife and asked why I was ignoring him. Thankfully, she knew about my deafness.
I’ve heard stories like this over the years and it makes me shudder. I’d like to think I’m a nice person who pays attention when people talk to me. It’s harder to tell when there’s more noise and a crowd. I figure the voices I hear are people talking around me and not to me.
I hate it when people think I’m rude without my having done anything to deserve it. I’d rather earn it 🙂

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