Doubles Tennis

For the first time, I’m joining a tennis team… two of them, actually. The coaches and team captains are working to pair us with partners. So I have to start thinking about tips to help my partner communicate with me during the game.
Funny thing, I can’t recall how I communicate with my volleyball, basketball, and softball teams. Probably because it wasn’t a big deal. I did my job and called “I got it!” “Out!” “Foul!” But if I had the basketball, how did I know who was open? It was about using my eyes. I’ve never had a teammate complain to me about not doing something.
Gotta watch that competitiveness business too. One league is more laid back and the other league is very competitive. So I hope it’ll provide a balance, but still — in practice, I find myself building up that competitiveness feeling. It’s tough not being a strong player, which makes it easier to get frustrated or mad at myself.
I let the other team know that I don’t always hear “Out!” so that if I keep playing, it’s only to be on the safe side. People don’t always remember to raise their hand making a one — the signal for out. Surprisingly, there’s no signal for in like in volleyball. When the ball heads for my partner, I move sideways to watch her get the ball and move back to my previous position as soon as she hits it — that way I know where she is. Besides, that’s standard practice in doubles tennis.

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