First iTunes Song Purchase

I rarely discover new music as I can’t identify the songs I hear on the radio. I know there’s a resource that helps with that, but I can’t collect information to be able to use the resource.
However, I liked a new song that I heard on CSI. It’s the famous episode where Nike Stokes is buried alive. The episode opens with him driving and singing along with a song playing on the radio. Although I’m not a fan of country music, the song just stuck with me. Man, it wasn’t easy finding the name of the song or the lyrics as the title wasn’t given. I entered phrases of the song until I found a forum where a lot of people were discussing this song.
The title is Lucky, Too by Bob Neuwirth. You can listen to an excerpt here. I can follow along with the lyrics in front of me. However, the only complete lyrics I found has a few mistakes and I’ve yet to find the right one. Most places only list part of the song’s lyrics, not all.


    • boult on January 23, 2006 at 10:22 am
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    if you go back to “complete lyrics” you will notice that artist himself gave the permission to reproduce the complete lyric. He could have checked the lyric himself before giving the permission. hmm.. ( I am sure you already knew that but how about asking Bob directly explaining your dilemma 😀 )

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