iPhone vs. Blackberry

Anyone using an iPhone or a Blackberry? I’ve narrowed the cell phone decision to these two. My thoughts:
iPhone: Advantages
* Blends iPod, PDA, and phone in one nice package.
* Has a nice PDA interface.
* Tracks teen.
* Has 3G.
iPhone: Disadvantages
* On screen keyboard not as fast as BB keyboard.
* Syncs with Outlook, but not Notes for Windows.
* Doesn’t have its own desktop personal information manager that syncs with it.
BB: Advantages
* Contains real keyboard.
* Comes with its own desktop applications for syncing.
* Easier to enter and manage notes, a feature I often use.
* Can’t track teen, but hubby will be able to since he will have an iPhone.
BB: Disadvantages
* Targets Exchange server users, which I don’t use.
* No 3G.
I think I’ll have to go with the Blackberry where I can type fast. I own an iPod Touch and can’t come anywhere close to the typing speed I have when using my Sidekick (that I’m getting rid of due to unacceptable and unreliable service).
This move also shows Palm blew it big time. I stuck with the company for much longer than most and they just blew it. The Centro keyboard is horrendously small. It’s a shame because the company developed a wonderful personal info manager by keeping things simple yet powerful and useful… unlike Windows Mobile.


    • Julie on September 2, 2008 at 9:23 pm
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    I’m using the AT&T Tilt. I thought the Blackberry Curve keys were too small for me. The Tilt was much better. Maybe look into that one? I used to have the Sidekick and that was actually the best keyboard I’ve used on a phone.

    • Meryl on September 3, 2008 at 6:42 am
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    I looked at the Tilt and passed on it for two reasons:
    1 – Tired of the flip keyboard (like the Sidekick).
    2 – It uses Windows Mobile.
    My husband got the iPhone and I got the Curve. I played with both all day unable to make up my mind.
    I settled on the Curve because I have no way of entering Notes on the desktop and transferring them to the iPhone (well, there is an app I could use, but at $40 for transferring only notes was ridiculous) and the iPhone is missing Tasks.
    I looked at third party Task apps for the iPhone and unless they synced with a desktop app, I didn’t look at it. Only a couple of them did and they didn’t meet my needs.

  1. Good article. It reminds me I posted in my blog about iPhone and Blackberry Curve before I bought it:

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