December 2006 archive

Gallaudet Down to Final Three Candidates

Gallaudet University reports the Interim President Selection Advisory Committee has three men (no women — will this start another protest?) standing in line for the president position. One of those is Robert Davila. I remember him well from when I worked in Washington, DC for the government. I contacted his office once, but I don’t …

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The Open & Closed Project

To keep things simple in explaining this important project, I’ve listed the bullets from the Open and Closed Project Web site. 1. Write standards for the four fields of accessible media — captioning, audio description, subtitling, and dubbing — based on research and evidence. 2. Conduct research when the existing research or evidence does not …

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Guide for Dads with Deaf Children

DeafBlog reports on a guide for dads for deaf children is available for free from the UK. I don’t know if those outside of the UK can get a copy or not. Contact Leigh Holdway on 020 70141113 or e-mail for a copy. Though my mom did the driving to get me to speech …

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