Fishing for Movies with Captionfish

Captionfish logoYou may have seen [Fomdi](, a web site that helps you locate captioned movies (either open caption or rear window) by zip code and how far the theaters are from your home. Fomdi has a Google search-like interface. It provides a great service, but it doesn’t catch every movie. Today, it shows only one captioned movie within 40 miles of me.
[CaptionFish]( does the same except it detects your location and has a sleek 2.0 web interface. Captionfish shows six captioned movies within 30 miles of me. I know this list is more accurate because I checked with the theaters’ web sites and newspaper.
Nonetheless, Captionfish goes the extra mile and provides captioned movie trailers! So if you find a movie of interest, you can watch its trailer right there if it’s available (not all movies have a captioned trailer). If you want to see what movies will be available tomorrow or for the next seven days, be sure to switch to the “7 Day” tab as I almost missed it. It also has a mobile version of the set as the next image shows a screen shot from a BlackBerry Curve.
Captionfish Mobile version
Great interface, high usability and valuable features make [CaptionFish]( worthy becoming a part of the entertainment toolbox for those who rely on captions.


    • Bill on June 12, 2009 at 8:43 pm
    • Reply

    Let me know if you find a captioned movie in their list that doesn’t have a captioned trailer!
    I’m up to 175 captioned movie trailers

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