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Wow, it’s been over a year since I mentioned Irene Taylor Brodsky and her film appearing at Sundance. Hear and Now has reached cable TV for those of us who don’t get to go to Sundance. Hear and Now premiered on HBO late last week and is still available for viewing.
No HBO? I’m sure it’ll be available for rent soon enough.
The story is about Brodsky’s parents, who are in their 60s, deciding to get cochlear implants after living their lives completely in silence. Why change after all this time? It’s harder for older people (even in their 30s like me) to learn to hear without reading lips.
Before anti-CI folks start throwing fire… beware that even Brodsky says, “Mom and Dad are just really good at being deaf people. So why risk failing at this point? Why hear now?”
You got to admit — that’s the million dollar question. Why bother? Sure, they still have 20+ years of living possible, but seriously. Furthermore, they’re not ideal cochlear implant candidates.
The couple met at a deaf boarding school and went on to mainstream in high school. I look forward to watching the film and see how things turn out. The trailer on HBO’s web site has no captions except when the couple talks. But here is a captioned trailer. In the meantime — as expected — folks are discussing the movie…
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    • jimmie sorrento jr on May 14, 2008 at 7:13 am
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    I saw the movie and I am convinced they should of never been considered as candidates for a ci…I have worn a ci going on five years now and for people like the those in the documentary being born deaf all their lives to take on the challenge to hear was it worth it?
    I don’t honestly know but so many people have benefited from ci…Including myself..I can’t possibly think of ever turning my ci off for any reasons except for bedtime….But expectations and the sad fact of the competitive force created between these two people I am not sure it was worth if for them….
    I did enjoy the movie though but I hope in the future documentaries show ci’s in a better light…Some people will watch this movie and get the wrong impression…
    Jimmie Sorrento

    • Meryl on May 14, 2008 at 7:29 am
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    I think you’re right, Jimmie. I still haven’t seen it.
    Some doctors will implant just about anyone. I suggest anyone researching CIs to contact speech therapists and other professionals in the area to get insight on the doctors before proceeding with a CI.
    In Dallas, we’re lucky to have multiple options and Dr. Peter Roland comes highly recommended.

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