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iPods Make Ear Molds Cool

A green ear mold caught my eye on TV right before commercials (you know how the news likes to tease us), so I stuck around. It was the story [free registration required] of kids with iPods getting ear molds made to protect their ears. Audiologists say custom-fitting ear molds work better than ear buds because …

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Deaf Job Seeker

I read Joyce Lain Kennedy’s Career Advice column and in last Sunday’s column, she provides advice to a deaf job seeker [may require free registration] who is struggling to find a job that doesn’t require telephone work. The writer also says that employers are reluctant to hire someone with a disability. I’m disappointed to read …

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The Front Row Dork

School, meetings, conferences, speakers. I felt like a dork having to sit in the front row in school by choice. I was grateful to teachers who did assigned seating saving me from “making the decision” to sit in the front. Dorkier than sitting in the front row in a class: sitting near the front when …

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