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My son is a second grader and parents come in to read on a regular basis. I read to my daughter’s second grade class way back when and it was a bad experience, so I opted not to read to my son’s class.
But then, I read this story: Deaf woman’s story captures pupils’ attention and wonder if I made a mistake. I talked to my son’s teacher about educating the kids on deafness, but I still worried about his classmates potentially teasing him as they did with my daughter.
Well, the story motivated me enough to leave a message for my son’s teacher to see if there’s an opportunity to come talk to the class before school’s out. Unlike the person in the story, however, I don’t use ASL or an interpreter. Anyone have experience with talking to young students?


  1. Reading to young children involves a little acting. Facial expressions always work, so does body movement appropriate to the story. Learn a few signs to match the story: such as animals, verbs, that are fun to pass on. You need not be fluent in ASL, just in being able to hold young childrens’ attention. It’s okay to be a deaf adult who doesn’t usually sign, but can use a few for dramatic emphasis.

  2. I’d check with your son first; if there is likely to be teasing, he’d probably be more aware of it. If he seems ambivalent, then don’t do it. And dont’ try to persuade him or second-guess him. Kids are way better able to sense how their classmates will react.
    He’s your best resource here, I think.

  3. 🙂 I thik your great for trying it, I agree with the other commenters, but if it can go ahead at all I think it would be fantastic, I know kids can be cruel, but our kids need to be properly educated also with regards to issues like these 🙂 Go for it 🙂 and have fun 🙂

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