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Babel Neglects Deaf Audience

The Oscar nominated movie, Bable, has a deaf Japanese woman character who struggles to communicate with her father. The irony is that Japanese deaf moviegoers couldn’t follow the movie as explained ‘Babel’ ignores deaf audience. Variety also has a report. Embarrassing, but not surprising overssight.

Business Meeting with Hearing and Deaf Men

Kokonut Pundits posted a video of a hearing and deaf man conversing without pen and paper, without sign language and lipreading and without misunderstandings. Why not do this with instant messenger or email? In watching the video, I didn’t see anything that couldn’t be done through instant messenger. But it’s still a great tool because …

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Dark Room and the Deaf Photographer

I received an email from talented photographer Peter Bryenton, and asked if I could post it here because it gave me insight in a major problem that a deaf photographer has to deal with. They came up with a clever solution… but it isn’t perfect. He kindly agreed and provided an expanded note. There‚Äôs a …

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Vote for Deaf Race Car Driver

Mike McConnell has been keeping up with Greg Gunderson, a race car driver who happens to be deaf. Gunderson is up for an upcoming TV reality show called “Racin’ for a Living.” If Gunderson gets enough votes, he’ll become the first deaf driver to compuete in the show. Voting ends on July 31. I even …

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Illness and Hearing

I didn’t wear my implant for almost two days because I was sick. When I put it back on — whoa, it was uncomfortable. Took a little time, but got used to it. It takes time to get used to wearing braces and eye contacts — the same applies to hearing aids and cochlear implants. …

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Not Deaf or Hearing Enough

I’ve heard this argument in different forms. She’s too Jewish. She’s not Jewish enough. She’s too much of a democrat. She’s not Republican enough. Here the person isn’t deaf or hearing enough. I don’t 100% belong in either world, although I have a higher percentage of belong in the hearing world than the deaf world. …

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